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Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe backs Afghan plea for women’s escape route

Former Afghan government ministers have urged the prime minister to follow Germany, Sweden and Denmark by establishing a specific refugee status for Afghan women and girls who are fleeing the Taliban.

In a letter, shared with The Times, the campaigners said the Taliban had imposed new restrictions on women and girls, preventing them from accessing work or education, since December after the militant group ordered an indefinite ban on university education for women. Those who dissent are “harass

Mother who fled Ukraine hopes she can get treatment for daughter in Germany

The pair, who are not using their real names, escaped the bombing on March 9 and arrived in Moldova the next day, where they spent the next three weeks with family before coming to Romania on May 3.

“We ended up leaving as the situation in Moldova isn’t as stable as we wanted it to be, so we decided it was safer to go to Romania and then to Germany. My cousin drove us to the border and then we got a bus to Iasi.

“In a way I can’t wait to get there and for them to help us, but I’m not in a hurr

UK-based Russian-Ukrainian couple reunited with family at visa centre in Poland

Tatiana Zavyalova and Vasyl Kucherka broke down in tears after seeing their family again.

Ukrainian-born Vasyl Kucherka (third left) hugs his brother Misha Kucherka, as his sister, sister-in-law, son, mother, and partner (right) watch on in Rzeszow, Poland (Victoria Jones/PA)

A Russian-Ukrainian couple broke down in tears when they were reunited with their one-year-old son in Poland after he was evacuated from the war zone in Ukraine with his extended family.

Tatiana Zavyalova, 39, and Vasyl

Ex-interpreter fears being killed by Taliban over loyalty to British forces

He previously worked for the British armed forces in 2010 and has been on the run from the Taliban for ten years.

The armed forces have been helping people in Afghanistan move to the UK (LPhot Ben Shread/PA)

A former interpreter who is stuck in Afghanistan has told of his fear of being killed by the Taliban, after he previously voiced his loyalty to the British armed forces.

The Afghan man, who the PA news agency is not naming, worked for the British armed forces in Helmand Province in 2010.

Biden’s security teams tuck in to Cornish pasties

The security teams for President Joe Biden First Lady Jill Biden and the US Marines have ordered dozens of pasties from a Cornish bakery to snack on during the G7.

G7 Pasty Menu in the window of Pengenna Pasties in St Ives during the G7 summit in Cornwall

Graeme Parkhill, head baker and manager at the St Ives branch, said he decided to mark the event with the pasties as a way to bring a bit of fun to the event.

“I could be crying into my pint about the traffic queues but I wanted to do someth

EU takes legal action against UK for N Ireland Brexit breach

(Alliance News) - The European Commission took legal steps against the UK on Monday for allegedly breaking Brexit deal rules by dragging its feet on implementing customs system changes in Northern Ireland.

The EU executive branch announced it had sent two letters to London: One triggers the first step of infringement proceedings under EU law, and the other is a complaint to London about violations of the withdrawal agreement.

The first step could ultimately see London taken to the EU high cour

Queen's doctor killed by lorry while cycling in central London

Dr Jose Eizayaga, an Argentinian doctor of homeopathy who had known Dr Fisher for about 30 years, said: “He was extremely honest, he was kind, respectful and admired in the homeopathic community. He did a great job in scientific medical research. He published many papers on homeopathy.”

He added: “I will remember him as exceptional in every sense. He was a cosmopolitan man who loved to travel and was very cultivated in classical music and art. He knew a lot about writers, philosophy, science an

Ian McKellen says secret naps are the key to surviving King Lear

The 79-year-old actor will perform the lead role in Shakespeare’s tragedy over 100 performances, six times a week, at the Duke of York’s Theatre in the West End. Asked how he was coping with the “intense” run of the play — which clocks in at three hours plus the interval — he told the Standard: “How am I surviving? Well, by doing six performances.

The play, directed by Jonathan Munby, has transferred from a sell-out run in Chichester and sees Sir Ian return to the stage where he made his West E